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I try to make all of my salads very interesting and flavorful (and pretty!) because sometimes when I eat a salad I start with very good intentions but tend to get bored before I am done with it.   Not this one!

This salad is made with fresh steamed green beans and fennel.  If you don’t care for fennel, you can just double the amount of green beans and/or use some fresh or canned yellow wax beans for more color.

This salad has dried blueberries, pecans and a touch of blue cheese for flavor.

If you are very allergic to gluten you should not use blue cheese because the mold in it is started with flour (sorry!).  You can substitute any other cheese that works for you or no cheese at all- this salad will still be great!

I hope that you can find really fresh fennel bulbs because the flavor is much better.  They get bitter as they age but it is hard to find them really fresh because a lot of stores don’t sell them fast enough.

If you are not going to serve this salad right after making it, wait to add the blue cheese and olive oil.  Add those ingredients right before you serve the salad and don’t stir too much, otherwise it will look “oily” from the blue cheese.