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When I started writing this post I realized that i had been making the original recipe of this cookie (with gluten) for 20 years- yikes!

These cookies have been one of everyone’s  favorites that has tried them over the years.  I have made them almost every holiday season, either in the original form or gluten free.

Some recipes need tweaking when you convert them from “normal” to gluten free.  I got lucky with this one because I don’t think I changed anything except for the kind of flour.  Some cookies and breads need the addition of more liquid or a little more egg or some xanthan gum to retain the original texture and “chew”.

This is one of the cookies that I included in the holiday gift baskets that I made for my husband’s top clients last year.

I went ahead and made all of the cookies with my gluten free flour since that’s what I had.  It also gave me an excuse to convert a couple more cookie recipes to gluten free!