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These Chocolate Sambuca Cookies are a new recipe that I just converted to gluten free.  The original recipe was published in Gourmet magazine in January 1995.  I could not find it on the Epicurious website to link to though.  A reader of Gourmet had written in to request the recipe for this cookie which was served at a Boston restaurant called Mirabelle.

This cookie tastes great and looks beautiful too.  It would be a great addition to any mixed cookie plate.  The Sambuca flavor is not too strong because there is only 1/4 cup plus 2 tablespoons of it in the recipe.

I am so happy with this recipe that I am going to try to make it with other kinds of liquors- everything tastes good with chocolate, right?

I’m thinking about Frangelico, Agavero (made from Tequila), Kahlua, etc.

I am even wondering about using Port wine- sounds good to me!

Update on using other liquors:

I tried all 4 ideas that I mentioned in the last paragraph (I split 2 batches of dough into 2).  Everything ended up tasting too sweet- the Sambuca really is the best choice so far.  I do want to try another Mexican coffee liquor that we have that is called XO Cafe- it is made by Patron tequila and has tequila in it.  It is not as sweet as Kahlua and it has a more intense coffee flavor.

I also want to come up with a version that is rolled in coconut- I am thinking about using dark rum as the liquor for that one