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I hadn’t made this recipe in years and then when I thought about it, I couldn’t find my original recipe!  I remembered the ingredients though, so I was able to recreate it and it tastes perfect.

It is a super healthy entree to serve because it is full of vegetables and chicken.

My Mom used to make this  Chicken Cacciatore and I realized when I was looking at some other recipes for the same dish- she had a couple of different ingredients in hers that I think really make it exceptional.  I didn’t see any other recipes that had peperoncini peppers and I don’t think any had black olives either.

The peperoncinis (there are only 8 in the recipe) add a little bit of brightness and interest and the olives contribute some nice flavor too.

I used Mezzetta brand peperoncinis- they had just the right amount of heat in them and it dissipated nicely throughout the Cacciatore.

The other vegies that are in the Cacciatore are onions, garlic, mushrooms, tomatoes and roasted red bell pepper.

I used whole chicken thighs that I had removed most of the fat from.  I left the bones and the skin for flavor and then removed the skin when the Cacciatore was done cooking.  For ease of serving and eating, you might want to remove the meat from the bones when it is done cooking and discard the bones.  It will be easier to eat that way.

When I first made the Cacciatore this time I wasn’t sure if it was right to have roasted red bell pepper in it, so I left it out until I tasted it and something was not quite right.  I added the bell pepper and that is what was missing- yay!