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This Beef Mushroom Soup is great the day that you make it but it will be even better the next day.

I used a more expensive cut of beef and it made all of the difference in the flavor.  I used beef chuck boneless country style ribs that I got at my Safeway store.  I think it was $5.69 a pound which is a crazy price for something you are making soup out of but the recipe makes about 10 cups which should serve 6-8.

I spent some time trimming all of the gristle and pieces of fat off of the meat before cutting it into chunks but it was the nicest marbled beef that I have seen at Safeway in months.

Besides fresh mushrooms, this soup has dried wild mushrooms, leeks and a few carrots.I bought the big container of dried mixed wild mushrooms at Costco.  I have to tell you that I hesitated buying them there for several months because the mushrooms are sourced from China.  No offense to China, but their track record has not been very good the last few years!