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Last week I tested 3 different recipes for gluten free chocolate cookies that you cut out with cookie cutters.  I temporarily eliminated one of the recipes as soon as I tasted the batter- it just wasn’t worth the calories!

That recipe was one that I had made years ago and thought it was good at the time.  Semi sweet chocolate chips provide the chocolate flavor and it just isn’t enough.  I am going to try it again sometime and use a better type of chocolate- that will be it’s last chance!

I am going to post both of the other two chocolate cookie recipes because my neighbors who tasted both of the cookies were divided on which they preferred.  Here is the second recipe- Cocoa Shortbread Cookies

The cookies in this first post are called Chocolate Sweet Hearts and I got the original recipe recently from  It is actually a Martha Stewart recipe.

I converted the recipe to gluten free by just switching out the 1 cup of flour for a cup of my GF flour mix.( If you don’t have issues with gluten, just use “regular” flour.) The recipe called for cocoa, so I used Droste cocoa.  It called for 4 oz of bittersweet or semisweet chocolate and I used a 3.5 oz box of Droste Extra Dark Chocolate Pastilles instead.  That is the same chocolate that I use in my Chocolate Mousse, so I always have some around.