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This Garnet yam recipe is so versatile!  It’s great as a side dish alongside any kind of meat and it can also be shaped into a patty and heated in a frying pan  for breakfast.  I have even eaten it cold- it’s that good!

I would serve these mashed yams for any holiday gathering- they would be great for Thanksgiving or Christmas (but don’t wait until then to try them!)

I prefer Garnet yams because they are less starchy and have a more intense flavor than other kinds of sweet potatoes or yams.  The inside of a Garnet yam is also much more colorful and full of vitamins.

The other ingredients in this mashed yam recipe are: bacon that has had all of the fat trimmed off, a couple of tablespoons of Chipotle chile in adobo sauce that has been finely chopped, onion, garlic and toasted pecansI added 3 tablespoons of unsalted butter to the mashed yam mixture to make it taste a little richer but you wouldn’t need to.  The first time that I made this recipe I didn’t steam the yams quite as much so it seemed to need more butter.  This time the yams were very soft and the moisture from the onions and the bacon made it just right.

I got to use my new  ManPans 10″ saute pan to cook the bacon for this Garnet yam recipe then I just wiped the pan out and added water so I could set the steamer on top with the yams in it.  What a treat to not have to use and wash 2 different pans!