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These stuffed mushrooms have a great combination of flavors!

This recipe is gluten free because I never add breadcrumbs to any of my stuffed mushrooms.  It seems like it would take away from the flavors.

I trimmed the fat off of the bacon before I cooked it, then mixed the cooked bacon with little pieces of asparagus, onion, fresh thyme and goat cheese.If your mushrooms are pretty good sized, you should precook them for a few minutes with the top side up before you fill them.I had always bought Chavre brand goat cheese to use in my recipes but this time I saw Safeway’s own brand in the case right next to it at a much cheaper price.  It is called Primo Taglio, the same as the deli meats that they have made especially for them.  I was really happy with the flavor of the goat cheese and happier yet to not pay the high price of Chavre which has gone up a lot in recent years.

This recipe makes 12 stuffed mushrooms but you might want to make more so you have some leftovers.  They are great the next day if you cut them up and add them to scrambled eggs.  They also will reheat nicely in a small covered pan if you want to serve them as an appetizer again.  They won’t be quite as pretty as the first night but they will taste great!