Here’s another cookie recipe that I’ve been making for 20 years!I just converted it from “regular flour” to gluten free last week.  It was a friendly recipe, thank goodness because it was perfect the first attempt.

The only thing that I changed was the flour and I added 1 teaspoon of xanthan gum and I increased the egg from one to one and a half.

This recipe has somewhat of a shortbread cookie texture.  The apricots and almonds in this cookie make it great tasting and very special.

Other than chopping up the apricots and the almonds, this cookie is very easy and fast to make.  It does need some chilling time in the refrigerator because you form the dough into 2 logs and then just cut them into slices and bake after they are chilled.

I think I will be using this base cookie without the apricots and almonds for other recipes because it works so well.

I have been doing very well with my cookie recipe tests and conversions this year- I have made about a dozen different kinds of cookies and only had one that I wouldn’t make again.  It was a coconut cookie (not my recipe!) and it just was blah and not worth the calories!

I made another pecan cookie that I will be posting and it took a couple of tries because the original recipe called for too high of an oven temperature.

I made a coffee and raisin cookie that is good, but just has too much flour I think.  I will try it again with less flour.