This recipe uses two different kinds of chocolate plus eggs and butter along with some expresso coffee powder for the mocha part.  Please don’t try to use instant coffee crystals instead of the expresso powder- the flavor outcome is too intense and tastes bitter.  Expresso powder is easily available now and actually costs less than a little jar of instant coffee.

This recipe uses a very small amount of flour- either gluten free mix or even “normal” if you do not have gluten issues.  Either way, this recipe will make any chocolate lover very happy, I’m sure of it!

Last year during the holiday season I made a few hundred of these to include in home made cookie gift baskets for my husband’s top clients (one basket even went to Canada!)

I made all of the cookies gluten free because it was the flour that I had and also because I had a few more recipes that I wanted to convert from “normal” to gluten free.

I ended up including 5 different types of cookies in the baskets.  For all of the chocolate lovers that received them, these cookies were usually the favorite.

I also included some called Cappuccino Thins which are a refrigerator cookie that you slice; Coconut Dried Cranberry Cookies; Molasses Cookies and a Peanut Butter Cookie that has chopped Butterfinger candy bars in it.

I am not going to try to tell you that my cookies are especially healthy but they are gluten free and they will make you happy!

These Mocha Chocolate Chip Cookies are very easy to make.  The dough does need some chilling time in the refrigerator to firm up since there is not much flour in it.