Chicken Cacciatore

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I hadn’t made this recipe in years and then when I thought about it, I couldn’t find my original recipe!  I remembered the ingredients though, so I was able to recreate it and it tastes perfect. It is a super

Clam Chowder

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This chowder recipe has all of the flavors of a good Boston or New England style clam chowder.  It is more brothy, rather than being heavy and thick with cream and flour I didn’t want to compromise the flavor, so

Chocolate Sambuca Cookies

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These Chocolate Sambuca Cookies are a new recipe that I just converted to gluten free.  The original recipe was published in Gourmet magazine in January 1995.  I could not find it on the Epicurious website to link to though.  A reader of Gourmet

Raspberry Curd

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The flavor is fresh and intense and very raspberry.  I used a 12 oz bag of frozen organic raspberries from Trader Joes.  I think the bag was $3.69, so it was a good deal and the berries had been picked

Drawing For A $50 Gift Certificate From Andreas Jewelry!

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I haven’t counted but there are a couple hundred pieces of jewelry to choose from in the $50 and under price range! Free shipping is included within the USA. My jewelry features semi-precious stones combined with hand made beads and

Zucchini Lasagna

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My Mom used to make Zucchini Lasagna when I was a kid.  I always loved the flavors and now I love it because it is gluten free! Three layers of zucchini slices take the place of traditional lasagna noodles. I

Dairy Free Chocolate Ice Cream

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I would put this recipe for my Dairy Free Chocolate Ice Cream up against anybody’s full dairy premium chocolate ice cream! It’s that good! I made it the first time and decided that it wasn’t chocolatey enough so I added a cup

Meyer Lemon Cookies

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My neighbors have a Meyer lemon tree that produced hundreds of lemons a couple of years ago.  I think I zested and juiced about 175 lemons that year! I also developed several fun recipes as a result.  I still have

Secret To Healthy Eating For Better Health

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Eating is an important part of Singapore’s culture. There are more to eating than just feeding our bodies. Yes, healthy eating brings you better health. But eating also feeds our emotional and social hungers. Many people use eating to enhance

Bilberry Juice – Sharp Vision Healthy Food

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Bilberry is considered a super fruit, a healthy food for both adults and kids due its multitude of health benefits. Compared to the blueberry, bilberry is smaller, darker in color and has a fuller taste. Although bilberry is still not